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 Why Me?

I have a lot of experience, more than most.  I've been doing this full time now for over 24 years, and I've inspected thousands of modern and historic homes.  With that experience, you get a seasoned inspector, one who will find defects that newer inspectors might miss.   An inexperienced inspector could cost you quite a bit of money because if you move into a house full of unknown defects, you'll be stuck with the bill. 

And Just As Important

I will be working for you only, not for you and the real estate agent.  It's true that the vast majority of home inspectors rely on referrals from real estate agents for the bulk of their business.  These inspectors will soft-sell and sugar-coat defects in order to please the real estate agent.  If they don't please the real estate agent, they won't get their referrals.

I'm proud that the vast majority of my business comes from referrals from satisfied clients (and their attorneys who appreciate my detailed reports).

I'll give you the unbiased truth about the house you're thinking of buying so you can make an educated and informed decision.

You'll like my reports.

My reports are completely narrative - no checklists.  The report describes what I looked at, what was wrong, why it is wrong, and the best way to address the problems. My thorough report helps ensure you'll get a proper repair, not just a Band-Aid suggested by the seller or the real estate agent.

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This Is Important

I'm a certified member of The American Society of Home Inspectors. I follow their strict inspecting standards and adhere to their code of ethics. ASHI is one of the oldest and most respected home inspecting organizations out there. You'll be working with a true professional.

Worried about the roof?

I've earned the designation Master Shingle Applicator (from the CertainTeed Corporation). Whether your roof is new or old, you'll know for sure if it's up to snuff.

Worried about basement seepage?

I used to fix foundations as a sideline.  The last thing you want is a leaking foundation; I know just where to look and what to look for.

Worried about electrical?

Electrical systems are the weak area of most home inspectors.  For me, though, they're one of my specialties.

I've seen more.  I know more.  I do more.

You'll like my pricing, too; it's fair and reasonable. Give me a call, tell me about what you're thinking of buying, and I'll give you a quote for a thorough home inspection.

You can call or text me, Jerry Simon, at 847-705-6800.

Serving Most of Northern Illinois
IL LIC #450.000114
ASHI Certified Member #106033